Bruce Zabriski (R) claimed the Met Open title at Quaker Ridge in 1993. His 54-hole score of 204 is the second lowest in Met Open history. Three years later he won again at Stanwich.

‘I loved the scoreboard so much that I bought the company!’

– Bruce Zabriski, PGA of America five-time National Club Professional Player of The Year

Bruce Zabriski, a PGA of America member for more than 28 years, first worked with GSC founder George Zeeman and his staff in 2015 on a new scoreboard project at Westchester Country Club in New York and instantly became a fan of the company's product quality and craftsmanship.

"George helped us design the system that was right for our golf community and it has evolved into a gathering place for our members – it has given the club a new hub," he says. In fact, Bruce became such a fan that he bought the company in February 2015, bringing his years of experience and focus on customer service, along with new energy and innovation to help build on the sterling reputation that George Zeeman established over the years.

Bruce has worked at some of America’s most famous golf clubs, including WCC and Winged Foot, and has been on the ground floor in developing, constructing and serving as Director of Golf Operations at new clubs in Florida, including Old Palm Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens and Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.

Now in his capacity as President of GSC, Bruce is able to share those years of experience with golf clubs interested in upgrading their scoreboards and structures. "Regardless of whether the boards are introduced to a traditional club or a startup golf operation, they serve an important purpose in terms of establishing an esprit de corps among members,” Bruce says. “The quality of our construction and presentation complement the other aesthetic aspects of top-notch clubs,” he added.

GSC has been perfecting the art and science of building a better scoreboard for many decades. It started in 1984 when founder George Zeeman noticed that golf was the only sport that didn’t have a standard scoreboard. Many clubs had (and still have to this day) a hodge-podge of homemade contraptions that were misplaced, unattractive and didn’t really do the job.

GSC founder George Zeeman (L.) and sponsor Jim Daley standing in front of one of our first boards and structures, circa 1984.

Educated in stagecraft and an experienced member of the theatre, film and television industries, George realized the subjective importance of this mirror for the players. After all, the whole object of playing golf is to count the number of times you swing at the ball.

So George, who had a friend familiar with the “white board” manufacturing process, decided to design and build his first golf scoreboard in 1984. It was an immediate, visible improvement, and soon after he was asked to build his second scoreboard. A better mousetrap!

In 1989, James Ray Carpenter, past PGA president, joined us as mentor extraordinaire. A great deal of our success in no small account is due to his advice and ongoing counsel. Thirty-plus years later, there are nearly 2,000 clubs in 13 countries, including all 50 U.S. states that use our products.

Bruce Zabriski – a former PGA and European Tour player, as well as a recently inducted member of the MET PGA Hall of Fame – plays a hands-on role as President of the GSC, travelling around the country to consult with golf club officials seeking to build that special club ambience that golfers so appreciate.